Title Summary Deadline

Produce Inspector

The Produce Inspector will be responsible for receiving and inspecting produce at the Corporation’s Packing House Facility to ensure that they meet export requirements and accepted standards of hygiene and quality. The incumbent will also be responsible for verifying that produce meet quality standards by checking produce for disease, insects, chemical residue or other damage. The incumbent will ensure that the Standard Operational Procedures (SOP’s) are observed by ensuring that quarantined produce is properly disposed of and that standards of hygiene are being observed. Thursday 25th November, 2021

Project Engineer

The Project Engineer will be responsible for developing, managing and completing construction projects as directed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He / She will provide onsite/offsite technical supervision and support for the Corporation by overseeing the day to day construction activities undertaken on their assigned construction site, with an emphasis on quality control. Thursday 18th November, 2021